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Rumour: Microsoft will publish Hideo Kojima's next title

The rumours started with a Kojima Productions mascot in the background of a Phil Spencer stream.

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There has been rumours previously about Microsoft being the publisher for Hideo Kojima's next game, but now a source says this deal is just about inked. We're talking about the VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb that has now shared a report called "Hideo Kojima's deal with Xbox reaches key milestone" where they also claim that "the deal is so close that Microsoft has begun preparing for what Kojima will need to make his new game".

It should be added that the Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently had the Kojima Productions mascot visible in the background in a stream, which didn't exactly lessen the amount of rumours. While we don't know anything about the mysterious Kojima title, it has been rumoured to be based around the cloud somehow. In the end, we're interested regardless. It's Kojima, so we know it will be something we simply have not seen before.

Rumour: Microsoft will publish Hideo Kojima's next title

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