Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Rumour: Mewtwo's Tera-Raid leaked in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

It looks like one of the surprises of this week's Pokémon Presents has come early.

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Everyone is making their bets on what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will announce tomorrow, 8 August at 15:00 at Pokémon Presents. The remakes of Pokémon Black and White are being bandied about, but there's also talk of a new Pokémon Legends or even the first glimpse of the tenth generation. That's a lot of wild ideas that are unlikely to be covered in the 35 minutes we know the presentation will last. But at least we now almost certainly know one of tomorrow's surprises about Pokémon Scarlet and Purple (as well as new DLC details): Mewtwo's Black Crystal Tera-Raid Battle.

This seven-star event will see us capture the 150th Pokémon of the first generation and one of the most powerful Psychic-Type Pokémon in the entire franchise. It is expected to arrive with level 100 and perfect stats (The Mightiest Mark). At the moment it's not known what attacks it will have, but as shown in the Nintendo Switch Online promotional image from which the event has transpired, it will also have a Psychic Tera-type.

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

What else would you like to see at Pokémon Presents?

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