Metal Gear Solid

Rumour: Metal Gear Solid remake will be a PS5 and PC exclusive

According to the rumour, all other Metal Gear Solid games will also be remastered for both platforms.

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An old rumor has recently resurfaced, claiming the original Metal Gear Solid is being remade from scratch for PC and PS5, where it would be a console exclusive. The rumor regained strength after YouTube channel Redgaming Tech shared new info from its sources, pointing to a Metal Gear Solid remake, and remastered versions of MGS2, MGS3, and MGS4, all on PC and PS5.

And to be perfectly clear, this would be a full Metal Gear Solid remake built from scratch and not a new version of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, a remake released to the Gamecube in 2004.

What can we add to all of this? Well, we can share this link, listing Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on PC. Not confirmation by any means, but when there's smoke...

It's also worth remembering that Sony is working with Konami on a Silent Hill soft-reboot, something Gamereactor revealed first-hand a few months ago.

Metal Gear Solid

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