Rumour: Little Nightmares 3 could already be in development

Bandai Namco has posted a new job offer related to the title's IP on LinkedIn.

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It seems that Bandai Namco is reportedly working on a new Little Nightmares. The studio's latest move has raised suspicions (and hopes), as it recently posted a job offer in reference to the series.

This has been posted on Bandai Namco's LinkedIn profile. It details that the position is for a production assistant for the Little Nightmares IP. It is unclear whether this new project will be a continuation of the franchise or just an adaptation to another platform or new content for the story already told.

What is certain, however, is that the Little Nightmares saga has a solid fan base, having already achieved fantastic results with the first two parts.

It should be remembered that the franchise has been passed through several different studios. The first and second parts were developed by Tarsier Studios, a small Swedish independent studio, which rose to glory thanks to the success of the title. This caused big companies to take notice.

One of these was Embracer Group, which acquired the studio in November 2019. The acquisition was made just as the indie studio was working on the sequel. This triggered Tarsier Studios to drop the licence, and Bandai Namco to keep it. It wouldn't be surprising if the studio and publisher, seeing the good results obtained with the series, is already working on a Little Nightmares III.

Rumour: Little Nightmares 3 could already be in developmentRumour: Little Nightmares 3 could already be in development

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