Rumour: Life is Strange 3 is about to be announced

A renowned insider also seems to think a PS5 version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is on its way soon.

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There are a lot of people calling themselves insiders these days, but most don't really have the coverage to do so. But one of them who actually sports credibility as an insider is the Resetera user Navtra, who revealed a lot of Sony's PlayStation 5 surprises last year.

He/she also seem to know a lot about Square Enix and spoiled that Spider-Man is coming as an exclusive character for the PlayStation version of Marvel's Avengers and the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI. Now Navtra has struck again on Resetera, and wrote yesterday:

"Square announcements are piling up. We're getting XIV's next expansion's reveal next month and VIIR PS5 & Life is Strange 3 should be soon after."

Information about Final Fantasy VII: Remake for PlayStation 5 and possibly other formats (PC at least as the game had a one year exclusive deal) is of course expected, but Life is Strange 3 is something we haven't heard anything about about previously. Let's keep out fingers crossed that Navtra nails this one as well, as the Life is Strange series has been really good so far.

Rumour: Life is Strange 3 is about to be announced

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