Rumour: Leaked image shows potential Nintendo NX design

But take this latest picture with the customary pinch of salt!

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For a long time now there's been plenty of rumours and alleged leaks relating to NX, the new and upcoming home console from Nintendo. While there's been fake images and lots of speculation doing the rounds, not much has been confirmed by the Japanese company.

Now, in the past few hours, an alleged first image of the console has surfaced online, after it was posted on Twitter by a user called Flashback Man.

In the absence of official confirmation we'd recommend that, for now at least, you take this latest image with a pinch of salt, because as we said earlier, it's not the first time that some fake NX pics have circulated online.

In the image below you can see removable and modular controllers and a sort of screen/tablet placed on a stand that seemingly lets you to connect the console to the TV. Given the rumours that we've heard about the machine being a console-handheld hybrid, it's certainly plausible that this is real (but then again, we said that last time).

For now we're going to leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the veracity of this image. In the meantime we'll carry on waiting for official news from Nintendo, although the Kyoto-based company doesn't seem ready to reveal the mysterious new console just yet.

Rumour: Leaked image shows potential Nintendo NX design

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