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League of Legends

Rumour: LCS owners write letter to Riot outlining concerns

18 teams apparently signed it.

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A letter reportedly sent from owners of the LCS has been revealed online and, if this letter is real, then 18 teams have expressed their concerns about the LCS and its future, specifically in regards to financial stability.

The letter is allegedly addressed to Marc Merrill, Whalen Roselle, Jarred Kennedy, Jason Yeh and Brandon Beck, and discusses six primary objectives these teams want achieved, which are as follows:

- The lack of job security, fair compensation and longer careers for players caused by insufficient compensation and relegation;
- The damage to the Teams' ability to invest in LCS players caused by insufficient compensation and relegation;
- The weakening relationship between fans and LCS caused by relegation;
- The harm to Team sponsorships caused by relegation and LCS' restrictions on sponsors;
- The effective elimination of the path to pro caused by the Teams' need to redirect resources from LCS to Challenger as a result of insufficient compensation and relegation.
- The financial hardship suffered by the Teams caused by insufficient compensation paid to the teams.

The rest of the letter discusses Riot's proposals to solve these issues, which won't come until at least 2018 or 2019. The teams' response to these proposals allegedly indicate that they believe they won't rectify the issues, and instead the owners want to pause relegation, have more financial compensation by team and want to work together on merchandise sales and digital item revenue.

What do you think of the issues with the LCS?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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