Grand Theft Auto VI

Rumour: Is this the actress that plays Lucia in GTA VI?

Fans believe it might be Manni L Perez, who also had a minor role in GTA V.

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The Grand Theft Auto VI trailer has, as expected, been vacuumed up for details and analysed here and there since its release just under a month ago, and one of the hottest points of discussion has been the question of who is voicing the main characters. Now fans think they have found something about the female part of the duo, Lucia.

According to popular theories, highlighted by the likes of die-hard GTA watcher and Twitter/X user Dyllie, the odds are against actress Manni L Perez. It is believed that the New York-based Perez looks very similar to Lucia, and that her voice also resembles Lucia's in the trailer.

Perez has previously appeared in TV series such as Law and Order and Jessica Jones and she - perhaps most importantly - also had a minor role in GTA V. Of course, this is all currently speculation, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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