Rumour: Is Sony about to reveal a new handheld console?

The rumours a piling up ahead of September 7.

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Next month, on September 7, Sony is hosting a Playstation Meeting in New York, and even though no agenda has been shared we expect to see and hear more about their upcoming consoles, PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim. Now, a third rumour surfaces, and this time it's about a handheld console.

A credible user on the NeoGAF forum tells about a worker at the Foxconn factory who described the PS4 Slim before the pictures leaked, but this worker is also talking about a handheld device, something looking like Sony's PSP.

As you may know, Foxconn is producing Nintendo's Project NX at the moment, a console we strongly believe to be handheld as well. This sightings made by the worker might just as well be the NX, but it could also mean that Sony is giving the handheld market another go after the not so successful Playstation Vita. Given that the handheld market is still dominant in their native Japan it may be that they're willing to give it another go for that reason alone. It's hard to imagine the Western branches of PlayStation and their development studios being overly enthused about a new handheld, but it remains to be seen what sort of plans Sony has.

Rumour: Is Sony about to reveal a new handheld console?

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