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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Rumour: Hot Wheels Unleashed is about to get a sequel

It will be called Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged and we can expect an announcement fairly soon.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed became a huge success when it was released two years ago with positive reviews and great sales number (it quickly became the biggest Milestone hit ever). As a result, we expected that a sequel would come sooner or later, and now things seems to be moving.

The pretty trustworthy (as far as leakers go) billbil-kun claims that Milestone is reportedly working on Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged, with an announcement expected fairly soon. He claims it's unclear if it will be available for older consoles, suggesting it might be exclusive to current-gen platforms.

The leak also mentions three editions of the game, including Deluxe and Ultimate editions with additional DLC packs, as well as pre-order bonuses. The announcement might coincide with the upcoming gaming showcases (Summer Games Fest on June 8 and Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 being the best bet).

Something to look forward to, perhaps?

Hot Wheels Unleashed

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