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Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake

Rumour: Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting a remaster or remake

And the next Horizon title seems to be a multiplayer-based, live service adventure.

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It seems like the upcoming TV series based on the Horizon franchise is getting company. According to MP1st sources, Guerrilla Games are currently working on either a remaster or even remake (details are unclear) of the five-year-old Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Besides upgrading the graphics with better lighting and animations, we can also look forward to overhauled textures and new character models, which will presumably be more in line with Horizon Forbidden West. A reasonable guess is that Sony wants this game to be released at roughly the same time as the Horizon TV series.

As you surely remember, Sony also just released the remake of The Last of Us: Part I for PlayStation 5 to get some synergy effects with the TV series hype based on the series. That was met with a lot of criticism as many people didn't think the only nine year old title needed a remake, which was also sold at full price with less content (missing multiplayer) and no way of getting a cheaper upgrade if you already had the game. The debate has already started regarding if a Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake is Sony's best use of resources.

It should be pointed out that there is also a second Horizon rumour from the same sources. It is claimed that the next Horizon game will be an online multiplayer title with co-op. As Sony has said on several occasions that they will increase their live service output a lot, we assume this gives us some indication what to expect.

Several reliable insiders have confirmed the Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake rumour, here are two sources we have used on Gamereactor before. What do you think of this potential remake, and how interested are you in a live service Horizon adventure?

Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake

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