Horizon Forbidden West

Rumour: Horizon Forbidden West delayed to 2022

The individual who leaked that Horizon: Zero Dawn would be coming to PC expects the sequel to face a delay.

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The PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently revealed in an interview with GQ that Gran Turismo 7 will be delayed to 2022, but he also said that he is "feeling pretty good about" Horizon Forbidden West, when talking about games that will be released 2021. Jim Ryan should of course have better insight than anyone, but despite this not everyone is convinced that it will be released this year.

Anton Logvinov, who leaked that Horizon: Zero Dawn was going to be released for PC, has now revealed on Twitter that he expects Horizon Forbidden West to be delayed until 2022. He doesn't explain why or shares any sources, so it's a vague rumour until further notice that is interesting mainly because he has proven to have good Guerrilla Games knowledge in the past.

Since the announcement in June last year, we haven't really seen much from the game and the pandemic is of course making all development harder. There has already been several spectacular delays in 2021, and we'll probably see several more. If Horizon Forbidden West is among those remains to be seen. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Ryan is the reliable one and Logvinov turns out to be wrong.

Horizon Forbidden West

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