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Hogwarts Legacy

Rumour: Hogwarts Legacy to be delayed by another year

A source claims that development has been troubling.

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Hogwarts Legacy was one of the first really big delays of 2021, a year infamously known for more big games being postponed than not. It was removed from last year in January, and was supposed to be released this year.

But unfortunately, the rumour mill claims that Hogwarts Legacy is about to suffer another big delay. The source is the known and trustworthy journalist Colin Moriarty, who says in his Patreon podcast Sacred Symbols that the development is troubled and that the game might not arrive until 2023.

As usual with these things, take it all with a grain of salt until confirmed. Although, with the huge ambitions both Avalanche Software and Warner have for the action-adventure, it doesn't sound too far-fetched that there will be unexpected hurdles along the way.

Hogwarts Legacy

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