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Rumour has it Ikaruga may be coming for the Switch

Treasure has been teasing us.

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PC and Xbox One are the only current generation platforms on which you can play Ikaruga, but there have been rumours lately that it is about to be released for PlayStation 4, and now Treasure themselves are teasing a Switch release on Twitter.

They have bought a cheap stand for the Switch screen to be able to play vertically, which is what the game was originally designed for. A problem with widescreen TVs is that roughly 70% of the screen is unused in a game like Ikaruga, and to be able to enjoy it like this is of course a cool idea.

A hawk-eyed ResetEra user also noticed that there are reflections of posters picturing Radiant Silvergun and Gun Star Heroes in the screen as well, something that might be entirely incidental, but it could just as well be a clue from Treasure about those shoot 'em up classics also being planned for Switch.

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