Halo Infinite

Rumour: Halo Infinite's campaign is getting a huge expansion in 2025

It's supposedly around the same size as the base game.

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We really appreciated the campaign of Halo Infinite, even more so than the multiplayer, actually. While the ending was good, it still left us wanting more and it seems like we will get this, although not for quite some time.

According to a massive leak from Sean W on YouTube, we can look forward to to a DLC adventure coming after 2024, which means 2025 at the very earliest. While this seems far off, it is supposedly an adventure the same size of the original adventure and thus basically a brand new game, offering a "varied" world to explore.

We always assumed the campaign would be fleshed out eventually, and if the rumour is right, we have something to look forward to.

What did you think of the Halo Infinite campaign?

Halo Infinite

Thanks Twisted Voxel

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