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Halo Infinite

Rumour: Halo Infinite campaign DLCs have been scrapped

Any more work being done on the game could move outside of 343 Industries.

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It has been a very tumultuous couple of days for 343 Industries. The Halo developer lost multiple big names due to Microsoft lay offs, and now there are rumours circulating that a few planned campaign DLCs for the game have been scrapped.

It was believed that Joseph Staten had some ideas for additional content based on Halo Infinite's campaign, but these plans were reportedly scrapped following Bonnie Ross leaving the company.

There's also the idea circulating that 343 Industries is now just considered as the franchise coordinator for Halo, and that future projects will actually be made by third-party studios through Xbox publishing.

This information is all unconfirmed right now, but considering the poor launch of Halo Infinite, perhaps Microsoft did decide that the franchise should go to another studio. What do you think? Could 343 Industries return Halo to its former glory, or should we just rip the bandage off while we still can?

Halo Infinite

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