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Gears 6

Rumour: Gears of War could be making a big return

A job listing at The Coalition has fans hopeful for a return to the franchise.

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2023 will mark four years since the release Gears 5. While we got the turn-based Gears of War: Tactics in the meantime, and Gears 5 was met with good critical reception, there are plenty of fans who still want more from the once-prominent third-person shooter franchise.

If you've been waiting for more Gears of War, you may be in luck, as a new job listing for a Senior Gameplay Designer at The Coalition makes specific reference to the franchise and asks that the right candidate bbe willing to help "forge the future" of Gears of War.

We don't know what this future will look like, whether The Coalition is aiming for Gears 6 or if it is instead looking at the popularity of games like the Dead Space remake and wanting a slice of the pie. Either way, a return to Gears of War is something fans will be more than happy to see.

Previously, we found out that a Gears of War veteran could be heading back to work on the franchise, which only adds further fuel to the fire.

What do you think a Gears of War return should look like?

Gears 6

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