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Rumour: Forspoken will be delayed

It's thought that the delay will be announced at an upcoming rumoured PlayStation event.

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With Gran Turismo 7 launching this week, Forspoken is the next major PlayStation 5 console exclusive title to look forward to. It was supposed to be released on May 24, but if the Twitter user AccountNGT is to be believed, it has suffered a delay, which might be confirmed at a rumoured Sony event this month:

"According to a source, Forspoken is delayed. It could be officially announced at that Playstation Event (not sure)."

Considering how little information and hype we've got from Forspoken recently, despite only being two months until the release, it really wouldn't seem too farfetched that it might turn out to be delayed. Nothing is confirmed though, so take all of this with a grain of salt as usual.


Thanks GamingBolt

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