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Gran Turismo Sport

Rumour: Finnish retailer hints at GT Sport release date

Could it come out as soon as next month?

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Since it slipped from its release window late last year, we haven't been given a proper release date for Gran Turismo Sport. A recent beta test suggests that we may be getting closer, but now a Finnish retailer by the name of Puolenkuun Pelit has apparently leaked a release date for Gran Turismo 7 (as they apparently call GT Sport), and this date is April 20 this year, as noted by Geek Reply.

Now perhaps the fact that the store calls the game Gran Turismo 7 instead of its official name suggests that they may not be entirely factual, but be that as it may. For now take it with a grain of salt (or two).

Do you think GT Sport will finally be ready for release in less than a month?

Gran Turismo Sport
Gran Turismo Sport

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