Final Fantasy XVI

Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI will launch sooner than you think

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive just 10 days after the title was first revealed.

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It's barely ten days since Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XVI during Sony's latest PlayStation 5 live stream. While that was a surprise (although rumored beforehand), Sony had another thing in-store as well, as it will be a time exclusive for PlayStation 5. Also, we couldn't help but notice that the game looked almost finished and that we got to see a lot of gameplay from it. But how complete is it?

Well, if insider and journalist Jason Schreier is to be believed, it has already been in development for four years and is not to far off the actual release. All this was revealed in the podcast Triple Click. Square Enix has said that we should not expect any more information about the game before 2021, but hopefully, this means it will also launch next year.

Final Fantasy XVI

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