Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Rumour: Final Fantasy VII: Remake might be heading to Xbox

Following its time on PlayStation and PC.

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If you ask Xbox fans which third-party PlayStation exclusive game they would most like to have on their console, odds are good that the winner would turn out to be Final Fantasy VII: Remake. So far, the former PlayStation exclusive game has only been released on PC, but apparently there is a chance that it will also come to Xbox soon enough.

Not only have relations between Microsoft and Square Enix seemingly improved significantly recently, but the usually reliable Windows Central editor Jez Corden says on the latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast that he has evidence that discussions are underway to release Final Fantasy VII: Remake on Xbox:

"I got evidence tentatively that there are discussions about Final Fantasy VII for Xbox"

We don't know what this evidence is, but Corden is rarely completely wrong, so hopefully more people will be able to enjoy the well-made remake soon enough. However, it will probably not be announced before Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth has premiered on February 29 so as not to interfere with Sony's exclusivity.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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