Final Fantasy IX

Rumour: Final Fantasy IX is getting a remake

But it seems like the rumours about a Final Fantasy X remake are false.

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One of the internet's most reliable video game leakers is X user Midori, who specialises in Atlus and Sega, but has also revealed some heavy stuff about other developers as well. And now the person is at it again after someone asked if Square Enix is working on any more remakes (beyond the work on Final Fantasy VII: Remake), which was answered: "Yes. But there is not a FFX remake title in development."

This apparently made another of the account's followers curious, and he explicitly asked if the rumour that Final Fantasy IX is getting a remake is true. Midori then replied: "This is correct information."

Of course, these are just rumours, so don't celebrate with your most expensive bubbly just yet, but when it comes to insiders, Midori is very reliable, so we'd say that there's at least a chance that it's true.

Final Fantasy IX

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