Far Cry 6

Rumour: Far Cry 7 is going to be "radically different"

Rumours about the seventh installment have surfaced ahead of Far Cry 6's release.

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The probably best source we have when it comes to unconfirmed rumours is the Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier. And now he's been at it again talking to the Triple Click podcast about a future installation in the Far Cry series. And we're not talking about Far Cry 6, but rather the game coming after that. Schreier said:

"From what I have heard, if I remember correctly, they're aiming to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry after [Far Cry 6]"

Far Cry 6 launches in October for PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. We have no idea when the game after that will be released, but a reasonable guess would be 2023. There have been a few odd spinoff games in the Far Cry series previously, most notably Far Cry Primal from 2016 and Far Cry: New Dawn from 2019.

If those two games give us any indication of things to come, is entirely unknown though. Ubisoft's plans could be completely different - and the rare occasion that Schreier is wrong is also a possibility.

Far Cry 6

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