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Skull and Bones

Rumour: Even the developers themselves don't believe in Skull and Bones

Unnamed developers are sceptical that the title will be as successful as Ubisoft hopes it will be.

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The pirate game Skull and Bones has gone through classic development hell, and has been rebooted several times since the first planning phase began in 2013. Earlier this month, however, we finally got a big presentation of the game as well as a release date: November 8.

Unfortunately, what was presented wasn't exactly overwhelming, and we doubt it'll be able to challenge Sea of Thieves. And if Kotaku is to be believed, that's an opinion shared by several of the game's developers. They write that several developers are "skeptical that the game will be anywhere near the success the company needs". One of the reasons for this, according to an unnamed developer, is that the game's mechanics lack depth and it doesn't really offer anything more than the endless grinding for resources that we were treated to earlier this month.

Since the statements are based on anonymous sources, it's hard to comment on their credibility (of course, in companies the size of Ubisoft, there are always disgruntled employees). However, it's worth noting that the statements are very much in line with the impressions Skull and Bones has received so far, so maybe there's something to it?

Skull and Bones

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