Gears 6

Rumour: Don't expect Gears 6 at E3

Jeff Grubb: "It's not going to happen."

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Gears 5 was launched two years ago, and a reasonable guess is that we would hear more about the sequel this year. But, if the very acknowledged insider Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat is to be believed, we should not expect this to happen at E3.

He clearly says "not at this E3", and "it's not gonna happen" in a Q&A when asked if we'll get to see it. Grubb also adds they he would have heard about it by now if it would be shown less than two months from now, which he hasn't.

The reason is that Microsoft has "too much else going on", which sounds reasonable considering that they now have 23 studios after acquiring Bethesda/ZeniMax. We'll simply have to wait and see what Microsoft has planned for E3 2021, but don't expect Gears 6.

Gears 6

Thanks, Idle Sloth.

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