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Perfect Dark

Rumour: Don't expect Fable and Perfect Dark anytime soon

According to Christopher Dring the games are "so far away."

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Microsoft's biggest surprise during The Game Awards last year, was undoubtedly the reveal of Perfect Dark. It had been frequently rumoured beforehand, but a confirmation is of course always nice. But when will we get to play it?

Well, The Initiative was founded in 2018, and that gives them a three year development time at best. In reality it's probably less as they had to setup the team, decide what to even develop and so on. Add a pandemic to that, and it's highly doubtful it will be released 2022. When Christopher Dring from Games Industry visited VGC's podcast Off the Record, he said that games like Everwild, Fable and Perfect Dark are "so far away":

"If you look at the games, I've got an Xbox Series X and I love it, I have a PlayStation 5 and I love it. I play my PlayStation 5 because of the loads of exclusives games that I don't have on the Xbox. And when you look at the Xbox... Xbox has a lot of amazing studios and these games are coming but, I've had few conversations with a few friends at Xbox Game Studios and those games they've announced - Everwild, Perfect Dark, Fable - are so far away."

Fortunately, there are other announced and upcoming Xbox titles with no release-window like Avowed, Forza Motorsport, Project: Mara, Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Starfield and State of Decay 3. If Dring is right about Everwild, Fable and Perfect Dark - let's keep our fingers crossed the other ones aren't unreasonable far off.

Perfect Dark

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