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Rumour: Discord Integration Coming to PS5 in March

The feature announced in 2021 could soon be upon us.

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It is being reported that Discord integration will come to PlayStation 5 with the 7.00 version update. It has been predicted that this update will come on the 8th of March, 2023.

This report is largely led by Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who reported back in August 2022 that the March date was planned for Discord integration. Since then, Henderson has recently stated that betas for PS5's version 7.00 could be coming soon, but they might not let people use the Discord integration.

Not only would Discord be coming to PS5s with version 7.00, but apparently this update could also allow people to stream PS5 games via the cloud.

This feature, while exciting, might only be available for PS Plus Premium subscribers, though this hasn't yet been confirmed.

Rumour: Discord Integration Coming to PS5 in March

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