Wonder Woman

Rumour: Development on the Wonder Woman game is troubled

Monolith is reportedly having some issues bringing its vision to life.

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After the disappointment of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it seems we need a good DC game to restore faith for fans, and a lot of eyes are looking towards Monolith's Wonder Woman title for that.

However, according to industry insider Greg Miller from Kinda Funny, it seems the game isn't doing so well right now. Miller didn't go into detail about how the game was troubled, but he did believe that it wasn't where Monolith wanted it to be.

Wonder Woman was unveiled at the Game Awards back in 2021, and since then we've heard practically nothing from it. There's no release window, and we only know that it's a singleplayer game with the Nemesis system. If things aren't going great over at Monolith, we probably won't hear anything for some time as well.

Wonder Woman

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