Deadpool & Wolverine

Rumour: Deadpool 3 sees Deadpool clashing with the TVA

The plot for the film supposedly sets up Avengers: Secret Wars.

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While it's unclear when exactly Deadpool 3 will make its debut in cinemas, due to the ongoing strike and the fact that the film has yet to finish shooting, Marvel leakers MyTimeToShineHello and CanWeGetSomeToast have taken to X to reveal a bunch of information about what the film will supposedly explore.

While there has been no confirmation from Marvel Studios if these narrative rumours are true, they could be spoilers, so be warned.

Deadpool & Wolverine

It's said by the pair that Deadpool 3 sees Ryan Reynolds' witty hero attracting the attention of the TVA that we've come to know from Loki after messing about with Cable's time machine. He then becomes a prisoner of the TVA, before learning about their plan to build a multiversal army of prime versions of each hero to battle the army of Kangs that are forming. Deadpool decides instead to escape and attempts to convince Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to join him.

The leakers do note that while this film works to mainly set up Avengers: Secret Wars, the movie is "very much a Deadpool movie."

What do you think of this plot? Does it intrigue you?

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