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Rumour: Bethesda could be holding another event in March

It might not feature Starfield, though.

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It has been reported that another Bethesda event could be coming in early March 2023, giving gamers a closer look at Redfall and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Both of these games are expected to appear on the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct taking place later today, but at the March event it is being reported by Insider Gaming that this event could give a closer look at them. However, it is unknown whether this event will be available to the public.

At the moment, we know that there's the Xbox and Bethesda event planned for later today, but there's also apparently going to be a Starfield event coming "very soon."

We still don't have an exact date for the Starfield event as yet, but can expect news coming soon. Watch this space for more Starfield news as it releases.

Rumour: Bethesda could be holding another event in March

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