Rumour: Another Xbox-exclusive is headed to rival consoles soon

Obsidian's narrative point-and-click could join Hi-Fi Rush on other consoles.

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Rumours are swirling around Xbox like a tornado recently. Will there be anymore Xbox consoles? Will every future Xbox Studios game also come to PlayStation? What does the future of Xbox look like? There's a lot of uncertainty for fans, but it largely seems as if former exclusives will be coming to the platform's rivals.

As reported by The Verge, it seems we might have a handle on which two games Xbox would use to test the waters. As previously reported, Hi-Fi Rush is at the top of that list, but next up is Obsidian's narrative adventure Pentiment.

Pentiment is a point-and-click game taking you to Germany in the 15th century (or the Holy Roman Empire, if you want to get nerdy about it). It's a tremendously written, stylised game and my personal favourite of 2022. If it does land on PlayStation and Switch, it wouldn't be a surprise but it might tempt some to give it a go. With it being visually impressive without being graphically demanding, it would likely make a great Switch game.

What Xbox exclusive do you want to see arrive on rival consoles?


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