Rumour: Amazon plans $9 billion offer to buy MGM

It would see franchises such as James Bond, The Hobbit, and Robocop being owned by Amazon.

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Amazon started off as a regular online store, and has come a very long way since then. Today, they are spreading out in to most pop cultural areas and have a very popular movie streaming service in Amazon Prime.

According Variety, Amazon are now planning on strengthen their movie services by acquiring MGM, something they will make a $9 billion offer for. By doing so, franchises like James Bond, Robocop, The Handmaid's Tale, Stargate, The Hobbit, Rocky/Creed and many more would end up being owned by Amazon.

MGM is actively looking to sell, and we currently do not know of any other companies being interested.

Rumour: Amazon plans  billion offer to buy MGM

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