Red Dead Redemption

Rumour: A Red Dead Redemption Remake could be announced next month

Perhaps the project wasn't cancelled after all.

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Last week, we reported that due to Red Dead Redemption getting a new rating in South Korea, speculation around a remaster of the classic Rockstar title had been kickstarted once more.

Now, we have even more fuel to the fire, as thanks to a recent episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast (thanks, Insider Gaming), there have been claims that a Red Dead Redemption remaster is in the works, and that it could be revealed as early as August.

"I can say I have seen confirmation that this is real," says Colin Moriarty of the Sacred Symbols podcast. "I don't think you need this confirmation, but I had someone reach out to me behind the scenes that showed me something that definitively shows this game is coming. Maybe even imminently with an announcement maybe in like August. So, not a huge surprise, you don't need to tell you that South Korean ratings board doesn't just rate things. They rate things that are submitted to them."

Would you play a Red Dead Redemption remaster?

Red Dead Redemption

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