Astro's Playroom

Rumour: A new Astro Bot game to be announced in the next fortnight

It will be a PS5 game and not a PS VR2 title.

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PlayStation 5 has had a great list of exclusive games already but one that often flies under the radar for many is Astro's Playroom, the title that served as a launch experience for the PS5 and prepared and introduced players to many of the system's new features and hardware. If you enjoyed that game and have been wondering what's next for Astro Bot, it seems like we'll be getting an answer about that in the coming weeks.

The very reputable Dealabs, known for routinely leaking accurate information about PlayStation, has added its take on various other recent rumours and statements from other insiders that a new Astro Bot game is coming and will even be announced in the coming 15 days.

It's mentioned that the game is thought to be called just Astro Bot, and that it is being made exclusively for PS5 (not PS VR2), and that a level will take players into a desert to meet a new character that takes the form of a fennec fox robot.

If this is coming and is true, perhaps we'll know as soon as at the coming rumoured PlayStation State of Play, which various insiders are suggesting will take place next week, or perhaps at a summer event in early June instead.

Are you excited for more Astro Bot adventures?

Astro's Playroom

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