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Final Fantasy IX

Rumour: A Final Fantasy IX remake is in the works

"Final Fantasy 9 Remake is real. That is real and happening."

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According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, a remake of Final Fantasy IX is real and is in the works.

While we've not heard anything official on the game, it was part of a huge Nvidia GeForce Now leak that gave us information on a PC port for God of War, as well as games we'd not heard about including Helldivers 2 and Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed.

Details remain light on the supposed Final Fantasy IX remake, but on his Game Mess Mornings show Grubb stated that he believed it was coming. "Most of the Square-Enix games on that list have been confirmed or even came out by now, except for Final Fantasy 9 Remake and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster...I will say, I heard very recently, once again, Final Fantasy 9 Remake is real. That is real and happening," he said.

There's no date in mind for Grubb on when we'll hear more about the remake, but it's likely still a while away considering Square Enix has a lot of other projects going on for Final Fantasy right now.

Would you want to see a Final Fantasy IX remake?

Final Fantasy IX

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