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Rumor: Will Ferrell might play Madden in new movie about his football games

It's time to get to know the story about John Madden and the sports franchise.

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Will Ferrell is a busy actor who seems to be doing several projects each year, and has been in plenty of classics like Elf, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and of course Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. His next movie might be something different though than we're used to see him in.

According to the official Twitter account of The Game Awards, Ferrell is currently "in talks to star as coach John Madden in a movie about the birth of his iconic football franchise". Today, Madden is mostly known for the football games, but he was actually drafted to NFL as a player, but became really famous as an NFL coach and later sports commentator. Madden passed away two years ago, but his legacy lives on and it seems like we might get to know more about him and his games with the upcoming movie.

What do you think about the choice of Will Ferrell as the guy to play John Madden?

Madden NFL 24

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