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Payday 3

Rumor: Payday 3 to be released in September

A trustworthy Xbox insider has already revealed a date.

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It has actually been ten years since the release of Payday 2, which became incredibly popular and remains frequently played by its community. But this year, it's finally time for a proper sequel, and it will be shown during Summer Games Fest on Thursday.

While we certainly look forward to that, it seems like on of the key reveals regarding the title has already leaked, namely the release date. According to the proven Xbox insider Aggiornamenti Lumia, the game will be launched on September 21. No further explanation was given, but considering how often he/she has gotten things right in the past, we think it's a fair chance this turns out to be correct.

Payday also seems to be expanding besides the new game. As we've previously reported, there seems to be both a TV series and a movie based on the franchise under production.

Payday 3

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