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Rumbleverse is being shut down by March

Unlike Fortnite, Rocket League, Fall Guys and Epic Games' other F2P titles this one didn't last long, but at least its players are being treated very well.

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Iron Galaxy said and did many of the right things when Rumbleverse launched last August, so it seemed like publisher Epic Games could have another free-to-play success in its hands. That's not the case.

After a few weeks of murmuring, Iron Galaxy confirms Rumbleverse will be taken offline, and with that become unplayable, at 4 PM GMT / 5 PM CET on February 28. The game is going out with a bang, however, as players who have spent any money in the game are eligible for a refund. Information about how to do this will come at a later date.

The last hurrah doesn't stop there though. Everyone will get the last Battle Pass for free after downloading Rumbleverse's last update today, and you'll be granted double experience points. Not a bad way to go, so tip of the hat to Epic and Iron Galaxy for ending it in style.


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