Rugby 20 "made for rugby fans"
Rugby 20

Rugby 20 "made for rugby fans"

We spoke with Bigben's Clément Nicolin about the upcoming next instalment into the Rugby series of games.

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When we were at Gamescom this year, we caught up with the team at Eko Software to talk about their latest title, Rugby 20. We spoke with Clément Nicolin, interactive product manager at Bigben, the publisher behind the game, to get an insight into what makes this franchise appeal to sport fans.

"I think you need to love the sport" said Nicolin. "You will not play Madden if you're not into American football. I think that it's a game made for rugby fans, that is why we wanted a game with a lot of tactical options you do with your coach before you play a match in real life. All the options you do with a real team, in real life, you will find in the game and we think that the fans of the sport will find what they want to do here."

"The part I enjoy the most is this kind of mind game that can start between two really good players, since you have a lot of options to play with. So, there are all these mind games that can start and look intense because it is really intense to play. You have all these decisions to make and when you finish the game, when you win it, you feel really happy."

We later asked Nicolin about whether we will see Eko Software's Rugby franchise become an annual series. He replied with; "For the moment, we are doing every two years, we did Rugby 18 and now Rugby 20. It could become an annual franchise, it's not something we have decided yet, but it could become one. That's not what we want to do right now, we want to continue exploring on getting better and better each time."

Rugby 20 is scheduled to launch in January 2020, right before the Six Nations tournament and will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Until then, there will be a beta opening on September 12 for fans of the series.

Are you a fan of Eko Software's rugby games?

Rugby 20Rugby 20Rugby 20

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