Deliver Us The Moon

RTX "takes up the notch" with Deliver Us The Moon

Keoken Interactive's game featured at Nvidia's Gamescom show, and managing director Paul Deetman is pleased with the technology.

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Keoken Interactive's Deliver Us The Moon was at Nvidia's show at Gamescom showcasing RTX technology, and in Cologne we also got to talk with managing director Paul Deetman about how this technology will help the game and the experience it delivers to players.

"So we chose RTX because our game is always trying this very realistic approach on how you got to space, and we go for these very realistic graphics," he said. "RTX really takes up the notch a little further, showing reflections and the shadowing. It's just so much more realistic when you look at it, and we said, you know, this is such a great match, so let's combine our forces and put this into Deliver Us The Moon, especially with our space environments."

In the interview below you can also see footage of how the game differs when RTX is turned on, with side-by-side comparisons to the base version, including improved shadows and reflections on shiny surfaces.

Will you play Deliver Us The Moon using RTX?

Deliver Us The Moon

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