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Royal Canadian Legion puts Remembrance Island in Fortnite

Players can follow a trail of poppies through various areas of historical conflict, remembering those that have fallen.

The official Remembrance Day to remember those who have given their lives in conflict was yesterday, and as reported by CBC, the Royal Canadian Legion helped created an island in Fortnite to reach young people for the occasion, with a trailer released for the occasion as well.

The island is called Remembrance Island, taking players on a trail of poppies through areas of conflict like Afghanistan and the beaches of Normandy, showing players important parts of Canada's military history.

"The Royal Canadian Legion, being quite old, has a hard time to share their message with younger folks," said Ari Elkouby, creative director of Wunderman Thompson, the Canadian digital marketing company responsible for the idea.

"We knew the wildly popular game Fortnite was where all these young people were, so we wanted to find a way to deliver our message to them."

This isn't an official partnership with Epic Games, but 19-year-old Jadan Allen created the island for the Legion for free.

"It's never been done before and it also reaches the younger audience that doesn't know much about [veterans] and puts it in their home base," Allen told CBC.

"We know some young people are losing the emotional connection to, and meaning of, Canada's military past," added Nujma Bond, communications manager at the Royal Canadian Legion. "We hope to share a greater understanding of that history."

You can see the trailer down below, showing what's included in Remembrance Island, and you can find it for yourself right here.

Is this a good way to remember?

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