Football Manager 2017

Ronald Koeman tried his skills at Football Manager

Everton manager faced CM and FM creator Paul Collyer.

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The current manager of Everton football club Ronald Koeman decided to try his skills at Football Manager, and he did so against an opponent who's no stranger to the game. He faced a lifelong Everton fan, who is also the game's creator: Paul Collyer.

Both of them selected from the current Everton squad. Koeman used his 4-3-3 system that he has been using in this season, while Collyer used a 3-5-1-1 system and won.

After the game, Koeman said, that "It was very interesting for me to sit down with Paul and Football Manager to understand the technicalities of this computer game and get some insight into the history behind it".

Whether or not Koeman will opt for a 3-5-1-1 formation next season remains to be seen.

Football Manager 2017Football Manager 2017
Everton FC

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Everton FC

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