The Secret of Monkey Island

Ron Gilbert still wants to buy Monkey Island rights

Tweets Disney that he's willing to pay "real actual money".

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Ron Gilbert has wanted to make another Secret of Monkey Island game for some time now, but the rights are firmly in the hands of Disney. A corporation who has no interested in making games themselves (having just closed down their last internal studio - Avalanche Software). Gilbert tweeted:

"Dear @Disney, now that you're not making games, please sell me my Monkey Island and Mansion Mansion IP. I'll pay real actual money for them."

Gilbert who wants full creative control in order to make a sequel also noted in a reply that "money isn't an issue", and that he doesn't need Fig or crowdfunding to make it happen.

We recently spoke to Ron Gilbert, not about pirates, but about his upcoming game Thimbleweed Park (see below).


Thanks, PCGamer.

The Secret of Monkey Island

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