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Roller Champions

Roller Champions to launch next week

Ubisoft's sports title will be debuting on May 25 with its Kickoff Season

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Ubisoft has finally slapped a date on when its free-to-play team PvP sports game Roller Champions will launch, and it'll be next week. That's right, the game is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 25, and will be launching with its Kickoff Season.

To celebrate this pretty imminent launch, Ubisoft has also dropped a bunch of new trailers for the game on us, including a new overview trailer to get you up to speed on the game, as well as a cinematic trailer to set the stage. Check them both out below.

And also, don't forget to read our thoughts on Roller Champions from the last time we got to go hands-on with the title.

Roller Champions

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