Roller Champions

Roller Champions days may be numbered

A new claim from Jeff Grubb states that Ubisoft's free-to-play sports title could be cancelled rather soon.

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Despite Ubisoft axing various games as of late, including Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline, it looks like the publisher might also be looking to put its recently launched free-to-play sports title Roller Champions on ice as well.

This comes following a claim from journalist Jeff Grubb, who on the Xbox Era podcast read a message from a source and stated, "Roller Champions is gonna be cancelled after Season 3".

This comes as Ubisoft also stated in its latest financial report that Roller Champions was outperforming Hyper Scape, when comparing launches. However, considering Hyper Scape didn't last all too long before that was also cancelled, that's not exactly a massive vote of confidence for Roller Champions.

Roller Champions welcomed the Disco Fever season on June 21, 2022, following the Kickoff Season, which arrived at launch. Judging by Grubb's claims, the next season (whatever that may be) could be its last, but as Ubisoft has yet to officially make any statement regarding this claim, we will just have to wait to see if there is truth to this claim.

Roller Champions

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