Rogue's Overwatch team disbands

They didn't get a place in the Overwatch League.

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Rogue has announced via Twitter that its successful Overwatch team will be disbanding, and that means that all the players will be pursuing spots in the upcoming Overwatch League, which Rogue is not a part of.

"Today we're sorry to announce that we will be breaking up the current #RogueOW roster to allow the players to pursue spots on OWL teams," the announcement reads. "We did everything we could to get the team a spot in OWL, including procuring the buy-in money and going through the whole approval process. Unfortunately, we were not accepted for Season 1 and had no option but to break up the most accomplished Overwatch team in the game's history so that the players could accept offers. We will continue to pursue putting together more great teams in the future and hope next time to be able to keep what we've worked so hard to build."

According to a report by ESPN, which is based on information from alleged sources close to the league, Rogue had tried to get a spot multiple times, and even tried selling the contracts of the roster to teams in the league, but to no avail. Benjamin 'uNKOE' Chevasson and Terence 'SoOn' Tarlier, however, will apparently sign for Immortals' LA-based team, according to the report.

Are you sad to see Rogue split up?

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