Roguelike indie UnderMine is coming to Switch next month

It'll be available for pre-order on the eShop next week as well.

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Nintendo Switch as the sweet homeland of indie games is welcoming another new resident soon: the action-adventure roguelike UnderMine is arriving on Switch on February 11, the developer Thorium announced:

"We're celebrating our 1000th "how about Switch?" email by actually releasing on #NintendoSwitch

UnderMine will be available for preorder on the #eShop Feb 4th, and release Thursday, Feb 11th! "

If you don't know yet, the gameplay of UnderMine is a mixture of combat, dungeon crawling and RPG-like progression, and the things players will need to do include building item combos, rescuing characters, discovering secrets and fighting off bosses, etc.

The game was first released to Xbox One and PC (via Steam) in August 2020. Will you want to play UnderMine on Switch?


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