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Roguelike action-platformer Elsie shows off bosses and biomes

The colourful title is "making huge strides" in its development and is coming to PC and Switch this year.

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The colourful roguelike action-platformer Elsie has been a game that we haven't heard a whole lot about as of late, but fortunately, this seems to be changing, as publishers Playtonic Friends and The Completionist and developer Knight Shift Games has now released a new trailer for the title.

This trailer is quite a lengthy one and gives a deep look into the bosses and biomes that will be present in the game. On the biome front, we're shown off a look at the first location, the Eclipse Skyport, as well as the volcanic grotto of The Forgemaster's Caldero, and the nature kingdom of Jardin. Each of these areas will be headlined by a guardian enemy foe, with the Skyport's boss being Celestia.

As for the tale that Elsie will look to tell, boiled down, the game will see players suiting up as the titular android as she sets out on a quest to clean up the striking world she calls home.

For those wondering when Elsie will arrive, there has been no mention of an exact release date as of yet, but we are told that the game will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch sometime this year, and that the development is "making huge strides".

Check out the Biomes and Bosses trailer below.


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