Rogue signs Manchester Champions Cup winner MSDossary

Their new FIFA player has already qualified for the eWorld Cup.

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Esports organisation Rogue has announced that they've signed a new FIFA player to their roster, which is none other than the winner of the FUT Champions Cup tournament in Manchester: the Saudi Arabian player Mosaad 'MSDossary' Aldossary.

What's more is that MSDossary has also been in action in the Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam, and the cherry on top is that he's already performed well enough to qualify for the eWorld Cup competition later this year, so Rogue has a lot of talent in their squad with this signing alone.

"After winning the FUT Champions Cup, I was getting a lot of offers from Middle Eastern esports organizations, but I was really looking to join an international organization. It means a lot to me to join such a renowned team like Rogue," said Aldossary. "Esports are really popular in the Middle East and there are a lot of people here who love it and always push me to grow as a player. I'm excited to represent them on a professional level as part of team Rogue."

"Aldossary is going to be an incredible addition to our championship-caliber roster of esports athletes," said Frank Villarreal, Rogue owner and co-founder. "He plays with a high level of skill and confidence, and we're excited for how he'll contribute to the success of our organization."

Is MSDossary the best player Rogue could have signed?

Photo: Rogue

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