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Rogue promotes Larssen to their LEC squad

Another Ultraliga player has made the jump in an effort to improve Rogue's fortunes heading into the summer split.

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Rogue has just revealed that their academy player Inspired is getting promoted to their League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team for the summer split, and now they've announced that they're doing the same with Emil 'Larssen' Larsson, who's the starting mid-laner.

Larssen is 19, so a young talent like Inspired, and helped Rogue's performance in the Ultraliga. Now that he's finished school, however, he can play in the upcoming split and help Rogue achieve a better position than last place they managed in spring.

"Emil is next in line to continue the legacy of talented EU mid laners," said Rogue's head coach Simon 'Fredy122' Payne. "I'm looking forward to the synergy between Inspired and Larssen. That was something that caught my eye while watching them play together in Ultraliga."

Can Rogue do better with these additions?

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